As a leading hanger manufacturer we offer everything from basic wire hangers to high-quality stainless-steel hangers — with individual product development

Wardrobe hanger made of stainless steel
Collection hanger made of stainless steel wire
Firefighter hanger / 45 cm
Swimsuit hanger in different sizes for women and girls, aluminium colour

Large production capacity

Thanks to our powerful machinery and optimized operations, we are able to manufacture very large volumes of wire hangers and stainless-steel hangers.

Short production times

What is important for a hanger manufacturer is a well-stocked wire warehouse. We are ideally positioned in this respect, and can thus quickly respond to orders and — depending on the order quantity — deliver within a short time.

A stainless-steel hanger manufacturer offering 'Made in Germany' quality

To obtain the highest quality, everything has to be right. We manufacture in Germany, have highly-trained employ-ees with many years of experience, and only use European quality-wire.

DHL Overnight Express

Within Germany and using DHL, orders are delivered the next day between 9 and 12 (mainland excluding islands). In other countries DHL delivery times apply.

Basic wire hangers and stainless steel hangers for every application

Thanks to the latest manufacturing and welding technology, we can offer you top quality for the highest demands. All our models are made from European high-quality wire and are tried and tested.

Industrial hangers

Our proven wire hangers represent an ideal solution for the smooth handling of textiles in conveyor systems, and the different designs guarantee function that is precisely matched to your needs.

Industrial hangers

Stainless steel hangers

For wardrobes, high-quality wire hangers made of thick stainless steel and with exclusive finishes are currently in vogue. We offer you a wide range of stylish wardrobe hangers.

Firefighter hangers

The hangers for firefighting uniforms have to be extremely robust and fit precisely into lockers. As a stainless-steel hanger manufacturer we have long-standing experience in supplying firefighter hangers.

Firefighter hangers

Special hangers

We are a stainless-steel hanger manufacturer with our own product development. We are happy to manufacture your hangers individually according to your wishes – for example, with your logo on the hanger.

Special hangers