Using the latest wire technology and wire processing, we will optimally shape your bent wire part

We can carry out a number of further processing steps on your bent wire part, so that it precisely meets your requirements.

  • quality finishing: chamfering, threading, drilling, stamping, milling, thermal rounding
  • various surface treatments: galvanizing, powder coating, staining, electro-polishing, laser marking
  • application of attachments
Welded bent part made of stainless Bent part made of stainless steel wire, wire diameter 5 mm to 8 mmwire

Wire-processing at the ends

Wire ends should usually have a high-quality feel, or provide a specific functionality. A number of wire-processing methods are available: chamfering, thermal deburring and milling of the wire ends as well as internal and external threading.

Thermally deburred wire end
Wire end with embossed head
Detail view of a wire end with an external thread
U-hook made of stainless steel wire with external thread on both sides

Surface finishing

In wire technology the requirements with regards to a high-quality look have risen sharply. We offer several surface-finishing processing methods, starting with staining and galvanizing, and extending to electro-polishing. We can also apply powder coatings in a variety of colours.

Welded Logo with red powder coating
Black powder-coated wardrobe hook with welded plate
Holder made of iron wire, wire diameter 8 mm

Wire technology for additional functions

We can subject your part to additional wire-processing steps, including the embossing of selected areas, drilling holes at precisely defined points, and longitudinal turning. A laser-marking system allows us to include individual labels and logos onto your wire parts.

U-shaped hook made of stainless steel with an internal thread on both sides
Wire handle made of stainless steel with two drilled holes at the end of the wire
Wire hook made of spring steel wire with embossed hook end and milled recess on top side
Bent wire part made of stainless steel wire with laser inscription

Application of attachments

In order to be functional, many wire technology end products require in many cases the attachment of additional parts made of metal, plastic or silicone. Thus, we manufacture, for example, plastic connector parts and tube coatings for slip resistance.

Handle made of stainless steel wire with a transparent silicon sleeve
Helmet holder made of stainless steel with welded plate
Trouser hanger with sleeve casing
Extremely stable stainless steel hanger with clamping function, wedge blocker, chip holder and spacer 5831-96 wide

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