Outstanding wire bending technology: Thanks to extremely powerful machines, in wire bending we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible

  • powerful machinery with state-of-the-art wire bending technology
  • wire bending in two and three dimensions, and almost any geometric shape
  • Stainless steel wire from 0.6 mm to 14 mm
  • Spring-steel wire from 0.6 mm to 8 mm
  • Steel wire shiny, pre-galvanized and plastic-coated
  • different welding techniques – manual and using robots:
    TIG, MAG, resistance welding, stud welding
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Wire bending in all dimensions

We have thirteen WAFIOS CNC spring and wire bending centres. These are state-of-the-art CNC bending machines from the leading manufacturer, and have up to 20 axes. With them we can bend wire three-dimensionally and into virtually any geometric shape. In addition, the machine can carry out fully-automated chamfering, embossing or grooving (circumferential groove).

Huge range of materials

Thanks to the latest wire bending technology, we can bend wire into almost any shape or form. We bend stainless steel and steel wire with a 0.6 mm to 14 mm diameter, and spring steel wire with a diameter up to 8 mm, which is unusual. On request, we can also bend other diameters, and can even process special wires such as titanium or pre-galvanized spring steel.

Wire bending technology plus efficient welding robots

We have three robot welding booths and numerous welding stations, so that manufacturing welded assemblies or pressing, including with welded elements, is no problem for us. We can also efficiently handle large quantities.

Meticulous quality assurance

Quality is our top priority. That is why we try to continuously optimize our QA processes and to meet your needs in all areas. Our CNC bending machines have an automatic laser failure indicator that immediately detects faulty parts during production. If necessary, our own toolmaking department can manufacture specific testing devices quickly and inexpensively. An external QA consultant regularly supports us with the improvement of our production and testing processes. In addition, we only use European high-quality wire.

Optimally arranged wire ware-house

In order to offer short delivery times, we always have around 200 tonnes of European high-quality wire in a wide variety of materials and dimensions between 0.6 mm and 14 mm (spring-steel wire: 8 mm) in stock. We naturally process other materials on request.

  • Stainless-steel wire, 1.4301
  • Stainless-steel wire, 1.4571 (seawater resistant)
  • Spring-steel wire, 1.4310
  • Spring-steel wire, bare
  • Spring-steel wire, galvanized
  • Iron wire, bare
  • Iron wire, galvanizedt
  • Iron wire, plastic coated
  • Titanium wire

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